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Travelling the world, to me is the most interesting and fascinating way of learning about our planet and anything living on it!
No doubt it's also the best way to learn about and understand nature, different cultures and it's people. Beauty is everywhere.

My travels have taken me to many corners of the world. From around Europe to the southernmost tip of Africa, up North America through amazing Canada. Around the larger part of enchanting Asia, all the way down through the red earth of rugged Australia to incredibly diverse, and beautiful New Zealand!
Historical cities, great snowy mountain ranges, lucious green rice fields, fast flowing rivers, tropical islands, colourful tribes, amazing wildlife of all sizes and colours.
And yet there's so much more to explore and capture.

I like to travel light, with my backpack and of course, my camera. Depending on where I am going, I only make rough plans, book a flight and just see how my travels enfold.
Usually I prefer to use public transport, a great way of meeting local people as they really are. Where possible I like to cycle, through fields and villages, see and experience life as it really is.

In the larger, vaster countries, a campervan is by far my favourite means of transport and accommodation. The incredible freedom to go where and when you want is an amazing experience. To instantly act when a photo opportunity appears.


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