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About Me

My name is Ruud Duinstee.

Born in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and nowadays based just outside its city centre, I'm a full-time professional photographer and painting artist.

I grew up in a creative family in which art and design played an integral part in every day life.
In 2000, after a number of years in decorative art, and graphic and architectural design, I decided to follow my heart and focus completely on two of my great passions that from a very young age had already been a major part of my creative life: photography and modern art.

I have specialised in various types of photography. From nature, wildlife and worldwide landscapes and cityscapes, to spontaneous portraits, models, archtecture, abstract photography and more.

Often with my other great passion and source of inspiration in mind: travelling the world!

In almost everything I do or see, I see images, compositions that I want to capture. In those situations, my camera is my best companion.
I hope to bring across a little of the feeling I experience while composing my photos, in the small selection of works I'm showing you on this site.

Showing people my creative views on our amazing and beautiful world, and everything living on it, through my eyes and my lenses is my vocation.


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